Hi and welcome to Tamworth Polytanks! We are a family-owned business and reside in the beautiful inland city of Tamworth. We are the proud manufacturers of quality rainwater tanks.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs or click below to view our range of tanks, troughs and tubs.

Specialising in the manufacture of quality rainwater tanks from 500L to 22,500L

We have a Slimline Range and a Super-slimline Range, plus our Round models. Our Slimline models are 2 or more 750 litre rainwater tanks plumbed together, and our Super-Slimline range is 2 or more 500 litre rainwater tanks plumbed together.

We also produce 300 litre water troughs, 600 litre water troughs and 600 litre tubs. Todd is our resident “cook” who looks after the production side of the business, Jan is in the office, and Simon is the boss!!! We are open 8.30am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, and will open weekends by appointment.Our heavy duty polyethylene hay feeder, which can be used in a stable or out in the paddock hanging on a gate or rails. and our heavy duty “D” feeder which can be used as a feed bin for stables or in the paddock, have been great sellers, especially popular with Pony Clubbers. These have been “road” tested and are very durable!

We now have a 6′ Longline Sheep and Lamb water trough which is extremely invaluable for young lambs and goats, and the other a Dry Lick Feeder for sheep and lambs. The Dry Lick Feeder holds 150 litres of dry feed and is 5′ 10″ in length. So far these have proved to be extremely popular and are very reasonably priced.

There is no delay in having your tanks or water troughs delivered, as we manufacture on site and always have stock on hand.

Our new product is a 5000 gallon (22,500 ltr) rainwater tank manufactured in all the popular colors and delivered free for the first 100km. Minimum waiting time on these tanks when they are ordered and paid for.